I am Hannah, I live in Felixstowe with my husband Rob and our beautiful son Reuben, I fell in love with photography over 6 years ago when I bought my first SLR camera, it went everywhere with me all events and outings the only time I put it down was to grow a little human and at the time I wound down my photography. It came to my last booked wedding and I was heartbroken every part of me was saying you can’t give this up it’s to incredible, fun and no day is ever the same.

I’m passionate about creating beautiful, striking but natural images. Whether it’s at a wedding, event or a portrait session, I concentrate on being discreet and relaxing clients while I do all the hard work to get the perfect image. Nothing can describe the pure joy and excitement that delivering images to the client brings, the waiting for that message to say awww we love them thank you is everything we hope for and strive for as photographers!

My kit , I shoot with a Canon 5D, and I switch between a variety of lenses depending on the setting: Canon 24-105mm f4 USM L, Sigma ART 35mm f1.4 and Canon 50mm f1.8. For some weddings I bring out the Canon 70-200mm f2 L lens so I can really sink into the background. I also have a mobile studio equipped with flash, softboxes, and reflectors.

Lastly all photographers will tell you how lucky they are because when asked if you love your job we can scream absolutely! As the saying goes find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life - tick!